Have you thought about pivoting?


Golden Chicken
How are you dealing with all the chaos and misfortune that has hit the ag industry over the past few months to years? Have you thought about pivoting into a different method of farming or switching up the crops you plant and the livestock you raise? Are you changing up your advertising methods? Just praying for things to get better?

I shifted some resources around previously to extend our outreach. It started with hosting weddings and providing Instagram worthy photo spots. Since then, we've hosted five weddings in the past two years. It's not my favorite thing, but it brings in some additional income. I'm not sure yet, but I might start a bed and breakfast to go with it. Alternative ways to make money off the land seems like a good bet for us right now.


Farm Hand
I understand how COVID-19 has hit everyone hard. To be honest, I have been thinking of hosting more educational programs. Thinking of putting something on udemy as well. Though I haven’t figured out the details. It can be interesting to try different things.

Almost Eden

Golden Chicken
I've thought about raising koi fish and pond plants, but I've never been serious about it. I've thought about shutting down my florist business and keeping the others going. For some reason, people are still buying plants, trees, and bushes, but not arranged flowers. I'm holding off though, because the shop stayed busy before the coronavirus pandemic. I sold a lot for events like weddings, graduations, birthdays and the like. I'm hoping business picks back up eventually. I really don't want to have to let anyone go. If my shops became unprofitable I'd probably sell everything off and get a job like my husband.