Hog farmer says the government ?mindset? must change re hog industry


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by Harry Siemens
Siemens Says - In a recent online and Morden Winkler Voice weekly newspaper column I came down pretty hard on Doug Hay, the director under Manitoba Conservation who was the person to call regarding individual variances on fertilizer application before April 10.

Well, as is the case in print media going to press weekly government lifted the ban for this year two days after I penned the column, but before it came to print.
Nevertheless, Weldon Newton, a former hog producer and still a grain farmer at Neepawa spotted the column on my website and had this observation.
?I think you are picking on the wrong bureaucrat in David Hay,? says Newton. ?I believe he does understand the issue and has probably stirred the system up with his defense of agriculture producers in this fertilizer spreading ban fiasco.?

Ok ok.. Newton wasn?t so kind responding to the rest of my column dealing with the hog issue and how a permanent ban may put the two largest process plants at risk in this province.

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