Hostas under attack

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What do you guys think is eating up my crop of hostas? I see no bugs around, but something is making holes in the leaves. The leaves aren't skeletal, so that rules out hornworms and caterpillars. The leaves look beautiful until the bug gets at them, so that rules out nematodes. They aren't going to be salable if I don't something quick, and I can't use pesticides.


Golden Chicken
Check for the slimy trails of slugs, because that's what it sounds like to me. No matter what's doing it, you could always dust a little dichotomous earth around to deter pests. That stuff might get to pollinators too, so just avoid anything with blooms.


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@RichZ Thanks for the article. I had problems last year with my hostas. I don't sell them, but I should. We have numerous ones all over our farm.
Last year was horrible for bugs or pests.


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Interesting that you had problem with hostas. It must be a regional thing. We have hosta all over the place. We spent last Sunday digging up bunches of hostas and separating and replanting them. I always thought nothing could kill them and they grow anywhere. Sorry you're having problems with them, they're useful plants. We plant them around the perimeters of large trees, they look really nice, and you don't have to worry about mowing close to the tree.