How are they raised?


Farm Hand
If you sell your animals or meat after they are butchered have you ever been asked how are they raised? I had a lady call today and she asked that question. It was the first time ever for me. What's a good answer for that?


Bean Stalker
I never raised animals to be butchered, I just can't do that, but when we had our dairy goat farm, one of my potential milk buyers ( a cheese maker) wanted to see my farm and determine if my goats were treated humanely before she would buy my milk. Since we considered each of our 125 goats as a pet, she was pretty happy with us and bought our milk for years.

Your answer has to depend on why they're asking. Do they want to know if the animals are organic, or humanely treated or something else?

Petal to the Metal

Golden Chicken
If you'll tell us how you're raising them, I bet someone here can help you with the marketing terms. Some terms have legal definitions and using the wrong one could mean a hassle for you, while others are just fancy descriptors that can help you gain business.