How Can We Go Away for the Holidays?


I'd like to take my wife and kids to visit her parents for a few days over Christmas. They live in another state. The problem is that I don't have anyone who can feed our animals while we're gone. I always give our employees a few days off at Christmas. I don't feel like it's fair to ask them to work when I know they have families of their own to celebrate with.

Do you all ever go away from the farm, and if so, how do you handle getting the chores and feedings done in your absence?


My wife and I very rarely take off at the same time and that's something that we'd like to change. Right now I'm looking into hiring some guys to care for the animals while we're away. I figure that if we can time things so that we aren't away during the harvesting or planting season, that we should be okay. I'll just need someone to milk, feed, and water our livestock and pets.

Would you really need someone to come out on Christmas Day? Depending on what you have, the animals can probably go a day alone so long as they're left with adequate water and food. If you hire locally, it shouldn't be that big a hassle to go away at Christmastime if you can give the worker Christmas Day off.
What about trading holidays with some neighbors. One year, your family takes care of the neighbor's farm so they can go off for Thanksgiving and they do the same for you around Christmas. Then the next year, you guys could switch, so they could travel to see extended relatives around Christmas Day and you guys would get to the same around Thanksgiving Day.
We keep the holidays at home as much as we can. It's kind of sad to think about, but there are people who don't have family, they don't mind working holidays, they don't observe holidays, etc..... If you like to go away during this time, just seek out workers who fit those bills.


We always have everyone over to our place for the holidays. I love our old farmhouse.

I do like the idea of trading with neighbors though. Perhaps you can get some young neighbor boys to come feed for the few days you'll be gone.

Andrew T

Do you have a neighbor who could feed your animals while you're gone? I really like Urban Homestead's idea! I'll have to discuss it with my own neighbors because we rarely get away from the farm.