How Much Does A New Well Cost


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How much does a new well cost? I'm looking to get a 200 foot one. I want to make sure the bids I'm getting are reasonable.


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The cost of a well depends on many factors.
  • What is the going rate in your area
  • What size is the well (2", 3", 4", 10")
  • Is the pump included in the price of the well
  • What size pump - a 1 HP costs way less than a 5 HP
  • Is the pump submersible
  • How hard is the soil/rock
Without knowing these things it would be hard to ell you what a well would cost where you live

Where I live a 4" submersible well going down 200' would cost between $5,000 and $10,000 unless you can find a "deal" by someone who may not have been in business very long.


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Or someone who has a backhoe for hire. Small farming based communities have the best deals here because the locals need the work and you might be surprised at how many people own that machinery outright. They mostly charge by the hour, at least in my neck of woods, so the harder the soil......the more it will cost.