How To Fatten Up A Runt Puppy


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Do you know how to fatten up a runt puppy? I've got one who will drink milk but won't do much else. I'm having a hard time getting him to eat food, even the canned variety. He's eight weeks old. All of his siblings are doing fine. The vet checked them over and said he is fine; he just needs to eat.

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It might just be a preference thing. Have you tried different flavors of canned food? You can pour a little chicken broth on the canned food to make it more appetizing. You can also see if the puppy will get excited about the food if you make him/her do a little work for it. Have him or her do a trick or follow a basic obedience command before you give him or her the bowl of food. I hope one of these tricks helps!

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Milk straight of the goat. Cream and all. Quick fat right there. And what ^ said. Try different flavors until something sticks. When he gets hungry enough........he'll eat.