HVAC does it really save money. . .

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Golden Chicken
if you set it at one temperature and you don't change it? We're having this debate at the moment. I'd like to adjust the temperature as needed, but my husband has some sort of internal alarm that goes off when I even consider moving the dial.

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Golden Chicken
Why not run an experiment for two months? During January, you agree to leave the thermostat alone. It gets set, then no one touches it. Then, during February it's a free-for-all. You can change the thermostat as much as you like. Anyone can. Then record the amounts at the end and see if there's a big difference.

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If anything, it's a great way to keep the bill the same amount every month if you don't touch the thermostat. In the winter time it's best to keep the temp. just a little on the cool side and put an extra sweater on if you need to.