Indian Government & Subsidies For Irrigation


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In India agriculture sector is the most important sector. It is known as backbone of Indian Economy. As it involves in 18% of GDP of India and provide 50% of employment to Indian work force. But it has observed that Indian agricultural methods is very critical issue when it comes to water management. 80% of water consumption of India is for agricultural sector. And it is observed that almost 30% of water provided to farms and agriculture is wasted.
India entered the league of water deficient nations during 2011. India is not spending enough on water conservation. Also we are consuming more than what is being replenished by nature.
So we have to take it seriously and have to implement such methods which will results in water saving.
Other wise we will be leaving a troubled legacy for the next generation.

As we know the importance of micro-irrigation Indian government is also willing to bring such profitable and environmentally beneficial system for the country. Considering the declining ground water levels, we have to shift towards the more efficient way of watering such as Micro-irrigation. But micro irrigation systems can be costly for farmers so government helps them by offering subsidies.