Is small-scale poultry farming working in the US/UK right now?


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Good afternoon Farm Chat community members,

Poultry farming is becoming a very topical matter globally. Many people and even government in Africa and Asia are looking at agriculture and particularly poultry farming as a way to inject to life into their economies. For individuals on the ground there is a sense that it is a profitable venture offering potential for growth and good returns and a good quality of life. For more Western poultry farmers is there that same optimism. Would you recommend poultry farming as a start-up? I think Western farmers may be advantaged in cost availability of feed but land and taxes are steep and a poultry project be planned without steep leveraging on debt? Any thoughts would be welcome.


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Well poultry farming can be a good option as a startup. It has been proven to be a good and successful startup. Here are some points to be considered if you choose poultry farming as your startup.
1) Look for which poultry sector will you go amongst broilers and layers. The difference between broilers and layers is that the broilers are the chickens that are raised for meat whereas the layers are raised for eyes.
2) Choosing the type of bird your poultry farm will have, Focus on two to three birds in starting then start expanding.
3) Choose a good farm logo for your business which is very attractive and impressive.
4) Look for the suitable farm location. A great suggestion would be choosing a land away from the town so that the land and labour are cheaper.
5) Hire professionals which can help you in your poultry farm business.
6) Regular pest control is a necessary action to be taken since pests such as mice, ants, beetles are mostly found in the poultry farms. You can contact City pest control, Pest Exterminators Lincoln CA, Exterminators for pest control so that your farm is away from such pests,
7) Look for various ways for marketing your business. Create a website for your business, market your farm products.
It is better to enter the business with full knowledge and preparation. All the best.


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Hi there, thanks for taking the time to reply, in the UK land cost seems to be the biggest hurdle, overseas it is the cost of feeding and rearing the animals that take the financial toll.

I notice you mentioned pest control, could you share a bit more about how that can be done? Do the pest control people deal with red mite etc.