Keyhole Garden Beds


Farm Hand
Have you ever made one of these yourself or run across one in action? If you don't know what it looks like, the design basically resembles Pac-Man. The gardener leaves a slice open to provide access to the middle where there's a whole/basket to dump gray water, kitchen waste, and other composting materials. Supposedly, when it rains the nutrients from the center pile will leak into the soil and nourish the surrounding plants I'm pretty skeptical that these beds lead to a more productive season than what you'd see with other methods. What are your thoughts?

Almost Eden

Golden Chicken
I didn't know it was a thing until now. I looked it up and the beds strongly resemble hugelkultur beds. One key difference is the open center that's used for the watering and feeding of the plants. Interesting.


Farm Hand
Wow, first for me too. Interesting layout but I'm not sure why it would be more beneficial than just a regular layout. I was a fan of Pac-Man though, so I might try it.