Mother's Day


Farm Hand
Like Easter, this Mother's Day will be rather unique.. It's hard on so many families not being able to see or be with their moms this Mother's Day.

My wife, kids, and I have plans to plant some flowers for both her mom and mine in their yard on Mother's Day. We'll be ordering whatever they want from their favorite restaurants in order to help support our struggling restaurants, too.

Even if we can't enjoy dinner with them the way we'd like or hug them, being outdoors will at least allow us to visit at a safe distance.

Do you all have any special plans for Mother's Day this year?


Farm Hand
The best gift for your mother this year is probably to keep a distance from her, honestly... As elder people get infected easier than younger ones. Fortunately I live with my mother, I will cook more dishes that she likes.


Farm Hand
We were originally planning to have a huge gathering but things have gone bad this year and we decided to see her individually. I wonder if I should wear a mask when seeing her as well. I don’t want to have any worst case scenarios.