New glyphosate tolerance traits coming to canola


A new trait that allows canola plants to tolerate exposure to higher levels of glyphosate than the current genetically-modified gene pool is expected to be available for "preview" in 2014.

Monsanto Canada recently announced it has picked up "full food, feed and environmental safety approval" from Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for its next-generation Roundup Ready canola trait, to be branded TruFlex Roundup Ready.

CFIA?s plant biosafety office and animal feed division granted its approval June 8, followed by food approval from Health Canada June 18, Monsanto said in a release.

Monsanto said it expects to be able to offer a "commercial preview launch" to canola growers in 2014.

Farmers, Monsanto said, will have "a wider window of application and greater flexibility to utilize a higher rate of Roundup-brand herbicides to provide more effective control of perennial weeds and tough-to-control annual weeds in their canola fields."

With increased crop tolerance for glyphosate, farmers will have the "flexibility" to use the rate they need for "tough-to-control" weeds, such as dandelions and foxtail barley, said David Kelner, Monsanto?s canola technical lead for Western Canada.

The wider application window, he said, will allow farmers to "deal with poor weather conditions that prevent spraying, without risk of crop injury due to late application."