Ontario Canola Growers Beware of Flea Beetle


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Ontario Canola Growers Warn Farmers of Flea Beetle

By Graham Dyer, Farms.com

Farmers growing canola this year should be scouting their fields for the flea beetle. The Ontario Canola Growers Association has been receiving reports of flea beetle invasions in this year?s crop. However, the warning shouldn?t be too much of a concern for farmer?s crops that have matured evenly and showing signs of being harvest ready. The concern is for canola fields that haven?t evenly matured showing signs of variability.

Thankfully, for those growers who do experience some flea beetle invasion the yield loss is often minimal. Some research findings suggest that it would take the flea beetle population to reach more than 100 beetles per plant to cause a significant amount of damages - resulting in economic losses. Never the less, the potential damage loss shouldn?t be underestimated. If a canola producer?s fields are still green with lower pods the yield loss could reach anywhere from two and a half to three bushels per acre.

The best way to mitigate the flea beetle invasions is to scout the fields. The Association is encouraging canola farmers to check out their fields regularly and to consult with their local agronomist representatives.

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