Pig Farming – Learn from Mistakes


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The most common form of pig farming is intensive farming. As a rule pig farmers start small and grow their pig business too fast. The disadvantage is that many farmers do not plan properly for a big scale pig business and often don’t include marketing strategies and feeding cost, but build a piggery on hopes and dreams. The results are devastating and most farmers fail to succeed in the pig farming industry.


Sow’s can produce 28 piglets per year. Having two or three sows as a small scale pig farmer is very manageable and profitable. Feeding 3 sows and growing 84 piglets throughout a year is a small farmers dream. You can sell 7 pigs per month and make a decent profit. Feeds are easy to get and selling small amounts to abattoirs or directly to the public is doable if you take in consideration that you can transport pigs with a small truck and trailer.

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