Quebec?s grain growers wind down wheat pooling


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Quebec?s grain growers? organization has officially halted any plans for wheat pooling in 2012-13, as per the results of a wheat growers? referendum this spring.

The Federation des producteurs de cultures commerciales du Quebec (FPCCQ) said in a newsletter Wednesday that its board of directors voted June 12 to call off plans for a 2012-13 pool.

However, the FPCCQ noted, any grower obligations to the pool for the 2011-12 marketing year still must be met as planned, up until growers receive their final payments for the year.

Most of the 2011 crop has already been sold, with "limited tonnages" still to be marketed, and final payments for the year are expected to be available early this fall, the FPCCQ said.

The FPCCQ board?s vote to shut down pooling beyond 2011-12 directly follows the June 6 release of results from a mail-in grower referendum held from May 14 to June 4, supervised by the provincial farm marketing board, the Regie des marches agricoles et alimentaires du Quebec (RMAAQ).

That vote, conducted from a list of 2,021 eligible voters who had delivered wheat at least once between March 30, 2005 and March 7, 2012, saw 953 votes cast against maintaining wheat pools, 191 in favour of the pools, 22 ballots rejected as improperly filled and 46 rejected for arriving too late.