Raccoons causing havoc


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I have a camera set up and three raccoons are causing havoc with my goats. They are getting in at night and dumping the water. It gets the area wet and has soaked some goats too. I put the goats up at night and I leave them with plenty of water. Should I stop? I don't store food in the goat house, so the raccoons don't have much to get. I might just have to let dogs sleep nearby a time or two.


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A good response is llamas. Llamas are outstanding guard animals, they will chase away any predators, including raccoons. and they become part of the herd. They love the goats, protect them, play with them, and even take care of the goat kids.

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I water my cows and goats at night, but I bet they'd be okay without water honestly, especially if it's just for a few days to get the raccoons to move on. I don't water the chickens at night.