Raising funds for food pantry tractor


We at Rock Hill Farm in Lubec Maine are starting a Go fund me page to raise the funds to purchase a used Farm tractor to expand our growing capabilities in order to increase our donations of fresh vegetables to those in need at our local food pantry. We have invested our own resources to build two large greenhouses and open up woodland sections of our 23 acre certified naturally grown farm. We have gotten to the point where we are short of personal funds. our go fund me page is:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please take a moment to consider helping us to help many others in need. We currently provide fresh organic vegetables and some fruit to over 250 families on a monthly basis from june to october of each year since 2009. We wish to expand our growing beds and fields where we can grow a higher volume and variety to give recipients better choices. I'm a Disabled Veteran and live solely off my VA Disability and struggle to keep up with expenses. Thank you and have a great healthy happy day. Tom Cooke, Rock Hill Farm lubec, maine