Random question on birds


Farm Hand
My young child is now infatuated with birds (watching them). She watches them at my parents. We don't have bird feeders up but we are planning on it. I rarely notice birds around here in the winter and honestly I'm clueless when it comes to birds. I'm going to put out suet feeders today (my daughter and I are doing this). How do birds know that we are trying to feed them? How long will it take to train them so that they will come?


Bean Stalker
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Birds are very observant in looking for food sources, and some species of birds, such as chickadees, are very adventurous in checking out possible food sources. Less adventurous species of birds watch the more adventurous ones, to see if they are finding food. Chickadees are often the first birds that will visit a feeder, and then other birds will join in. Suet feeders will attract woodpeckers, nut hatchers and other birds who mostly eat insects, as suet is fat and good good winter source of food for insect eating birds.

My wife and I have an assortment of different feeders for different birds. We enjoy observing them and we like to help them survive difficult winters. By putting out feeders you'll have an interesting hobby and help some really beneficial critters.