Regulating the Uses of Citrus


Farm Hand
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Citrus seems to be an ideal pesticide, but it can also serve as a good compost and fertilizer. It can repel insects and offers various nutrients to the plants that it's almost like the whole package. If you apply it in different ways, won't it be harmful then? It's still an acid, after all. What's the best way to use citrus in plant growth?


Golden Chicken
Some plants thrive in acidic soil, like blueberries and radishes. Just grate some orange peels up, work them into the soil around those acid loving plants, and you should see an improvement over time.


Farm Hand
What's the best way to use citrus in plant growth?
I wouldn't use the juice at all. Citrus juice contains quite a bit of sugar, so I can't see it acting as a good pesticide unless the odor is meant to ward off an animal like possums, rabbits, mice, or something else. Even then, you'd be trading in the pests for a ton of ants. The juice wouldn't make a good fertilizer either, unless it's heavily diluted first. You'll burn the plant's roots with all that sugar otherwise.