Replacing belts on tractor


Farm Hand
When I went out to start the small tractor I noticed a whining sound. I'm pretty sure it's a belt of some sort. I was going to call my buddy to come look but I think it's something I can fix. Changing belts is an easy job right?


Bean Stalker
It's an easy job if you can get to the belt, and if you can easily get another belt of the same size. In older tractors it's usually really easy, but last year I broke a belt on my 2007 Kubota tractor. I couldn't get to the belt. Luckily I have a local tractor maintenance guy who has a service truck. I had to call him. I've replaced belts on my vintage tractors several times with no problems.

Jack L

Farm Hand
Any job is easy if you have the right tools. Access to the belt helps a lot as well. Some tractors and vehicles are made to where you HAVE to call a mechanic because the belt is in a location that you have to remove other parts to get access, and those parts require special tools only sold to certified mechanics.