RIP to My Tundra


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My 2001 Toyota Tundra's transmission is going out, and I've gotten as much use out of her as I can. The ROI isn't enough to have her fixed, so I've sold her to a junker. I just didn't want to deal with a dealership or another buyer since this is my busy season. I named my truck Miss Sally. She was my first farm truck and the first big expense that I plowed money into. She has over 370,000 miles under her belt. Miss Sally doesn't get great gas mileage, but she's sure been a workhorse. She's been driven through creeks and she's been in a couple of wrecks, but the old gal has served me well over the years. The guy is picking her up tomorrow. RIP Miss Sally. You'll be missed.

Do you have a vehicle that you've driven into the ground?


Farm Hand
Cheers to your Miss Sally, Marty. I still have my old Jeep Cherokee. It drives great off-road and there's plenty of space for hauling stuff inside. It's not in mint condition by any means. The radio is wonky and one of my windows is being held up by tape, but it still drives good. I run it out to the field all the time because I don't care if it gets dirty inside.


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Wow! 370 thousand miles! That is impressive for sure. I had a car that had 200 thousand miles on it. My parents had a jeep that had over 200 thousand miles.


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Miss Sally sounds pretty impressive for sure. You certainly got your money (and then some) out of her. Honestly I haven't ever had a vehicle for even near that long. I usually trade or retire them before they hit 200,000 miles.

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I had a Ford Ranger once with a modified Chevy engine. The old girl had an identity crisis so I called her Miss Understood. 😉

But seriously, 370k miles is impressive.
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