Rooster Bachelor Pads

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I always thought that no two male roosters could live together because they'd fight to the death. Apparently that must be a myth because I was talking to my mother's health aide (from an appropriate distance of 6 feet mind you) and she takes in unwanted roosters. She has about eight roosters right now. They all roost in the coop at night on wooden sticks that go straight across so no one is sitting higher than the other. She calls it the rooster bachelor pad. She takes them from people who don't want to cull the roosters, but also don't want to keep them. So why aren't they fighting? Is it because there are no hens around?


Golden Chicken
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You got it. Roosters will usually live peaceably if there aren't any hens. If there are hens, they will fight over them. The strongest rooster gets the most hens. But even with hens, I've had bachelor roosters get along together. They're the ones that are too weak to have any hens, and sometimes they'll all roost together away from the rest of the flock.