SMS Basic/Advanced v11.6 has been released!

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We are excited to announce the release of SMS Basic/Advanced Version 11.6. This update includes the ability to work with the new Version 3.0 firmware available from your Ag Leader dealer for the Integra and the new Versa, which includes the ability to read the new *.AGDATA log files and read/export the new *.AGSETUP file format. As Ag Leader continues to strive to make things easier for our customers, Version 3.0 of the Integra and Versa displays has reduced the display files to two formats. *.AGDATA files will replace the *.ILF format and the *.AGSETUP files will replace the *.MSF, *.PAT, *.IRX, and *.IBY formats. As in the past, SMS will continue to support all legacy formats for our displays for users that are running an InSight and Edge display or are running Integra firmware prior to the v3.0 firmware.