Tea Tower (Cameroon tea estates_Ndawara tea estates)

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in a cardboard box comprising 25
tea bags of 2g each, with a tea picked at high altitude in the plantations of NDU
(2000m above sea level) and DJUTITSA (1800m) giving it a pronounced aroma and taste full-bodied, it is suitable for any type of preparation and pleasant to consume.
- The TOLE Tea Bag:
Picked at the foot of the hills adjoining Mount Cameroon, it is packaged in a cardboard paper box comprising 25 tea bags of 2g each, i.e. 25 sharing occasions, 25 opportunities to ensure better health and protect against certain afflictions and discomforts. Very popular and famous internationally, it is our most crowned tea.
In packaging in plastic bags of 25; 50; 100g and 250g, It is a hodgepodge of fibers and medium tea granules which gives it a
rough character very popular so by lovers of traditional pure strain tea which uses it for the preparation of "CHAÏ". Very cheaper and above all economical, it is consumed by invocation in Sahelian households.
Also available in packaging in plastic bags of 25g, 50g, 100g and 250g, unlike its cousin RED label of which it is a "light" version, it is made up of fine granules of tea, giving it a softer character. palet, the economic side of this packaging (a sachet can be enough to make a teapot or a whole pot of tea depending on whether it is well-pressed or soft) base of Blue and Red, a product indicated for the preparation of tea in family and especially for large receptions.
In packaging in woven plastic bags of 10 Kg; 20Kg and 40 Kg,
it is a mixture of fibers and granules of loose tea (CTC),insurance of a naturally hard drink of character which will have the merit of being served to all consumption trends without any restriction, the secret of the preparation adapting to your convenience.

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