The 39th Annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival


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May 5 & 6, 2012
Saturday 9 ? 6
Sunday 9 ? 5

Come join us for a fun-filled weekend of live animals, crafts and supplies, entertainment and more. Check out our schedule and events pages for more details about the Festival. We look forward to seeing you!


Howard County Fairgrounds
2210 Fairground Road
West Friendship, MD

No dogs - Please leave your pets at home.

Contact us at or leave message at 410-531-3647.


Even though the weather was threatening at times, this year?s Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival seemed to avoid it. The event, which takes place at the Howard Co. Fairgrounds the first weekend in May each year, draws people from all over the region and beyond. The crowds had an opportunity to listen to great music, view amazing animals and buy products and supplies. The food is also delicious, and includes various lamb dishes. It?s a veritable feast for the senses.

Every year the festival seems to grow. The fairgrounds was packed full of exhibitors, animals and information. People have come up with new and clever ideas. One vendor had novelty yarn with shredded money in it. Another had gorgeous colorways made using salt water and sunlight to assist in the dyeing process. There were a few vendors with incredible felted creations that get more and more elaborate each year. This festival shows people some cutting edge ways to be creative and solid, old-fashioned ways as well.

It is always fun to look at the ?raw material? ? sheep, goats, Angora rabbits ? and marvel in their wooliness. Digging fingers down into the thick wool while it is still attached to the animal will coat those fingers with lanolin, a fabulous skin softener. It might not smell like hand lotion, but it sure does feel fantastic.

Products for weaving, spinning, wet and needle felting, crocheting and knitting were as far as the eye could see. Whether shoppers were looking for roving or finished yarn ? even freshly shorn wool ? it was on sale. As knitters, everyone knows that wool and other natural fibers absorb color much better than acrylic. After purchasing rich and colorful yarns, friends will be drooling with jealously. Many of the colorways are one-of-a-kind, created by small, independent dyers. Many of these yarns are not available in shops.

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