Thunder drops temperature


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I learned that thunder drops temperature

Thunder is made when lightning makes air compress 100x.The heat makes the air explode which pushes warm air up and sends cold air down

It can be made with air that is compressed 100x and a 120 decibel explosion and it will drop temperature

Lightning is about 10 miles so it would need about 40000sq feet or a 200ftby200ft balloon

The system is called condensation.

You can easily put it on a computer so every time the temperature rises it goes off and the temperature drops again

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And keep fundraising until you have it perfected

There is limitless cold air 11km above the ground There just needs to be something to push the warm air up for it to send cold air down

And if you keep igniting compressed air it will make rain

The reason for heatwaves is there isnt enough oxygen in the water to push the warm air up and send the cold air down

A breeze is compressed air

The world is a encased vacuum seal
When warm air goes up
Cold air comes down


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I had to decipher your information a bit, but that's okay. It's a factoid that I didn't already know. How interesting that thunder drops the temperature. I had no idea.