To buy or to rent a farm?


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That is a tough question. I'm not sure I would do either with no experience. What do you want to accomplish? If you're looking to get animals I wouldn't want to rent land and then move the animals once you bought.


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It depends on what you're hoping to do and the price of land in that area. Renting can be a great option, but expect there to be some rules, some of which you might not like. See if you'll be the only person using the land. I had a friend who rented. He was out plowing his field when he heard gunshots which worried him as he had a young family. The person who owned the land decided to go hunting on the property. It was quite a shock. In my area, land is cheap so it makes more sense to buy, then start slowly building things up from there.
Many factors make a straight answer to this almost impossible, and just as you say, it depends on the price of and availability of funds. If any farmer had a choice, then it would be to purchase and put it into good use when ready.


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I like the answer of buying small or large. If I bought small I would make sure the option to go or buy bigger was there. You don't want to "outgrow" your farm.