What can I easily recycle on my farm?


Farm Hand
We can reduce the single-use burden by recycling many items on the farm. What are you currently recyling, and what are your thoughts on the various recycling schemes? How can silage wrap, plastic feed bags, or silage sheets be reused?


Farm Hand
Great question! I donate the feed bags to the local 4H. I'm not sure what they do with them. The other items you mentioned, we just toss. I'd be interested to know what others are doing.

Grace Grange

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Emmet County Michigan has a state of the art recycling program. All the townships have mini sites for transport containers labeled, containers & plastic, paper & light cardboard, large cardboard. The central site also collects electronics, metal, wood, batteries, used oil & lubricants, stains & oil base paints. They also have a baler for clothes, linens, blankets, boots and shoes. And for those who don't recycle there is also garbage dumpsters. The fees are nominal and recycled wood is available for sale as chips, mulch, and compost. All the area companies who do roadside pick-up offer small bins so customers can sort right at home!
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Golden Chicken
Almost anything can be reused and if you look at most farms they are already re-purposing the consumables. In another post here there's talk about using plastic pallets for hay bale storage and obviously wood pallets have many uses. Plastics can be good padding for packaging or separators for anything that needs to be separated. Bale wrappers are good for lining containers. You can also turn them into bags but cutting them into small pieces and heat sealing the edges. Can also use as plastic wrap with a heat gun. You name it there's something we can recycle it for.

Petal to the Metal

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Cardboard and newspapers make fantastic weed barriers. Lots of odds and ends make cute flower pots, just make sure to add a hole or two for drainage. Do you have a compost bin? I repurpose a lot of stuff through that. It helps build up the soil so it's win-win.