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  1. Hugelkultur gardening

    Ha, I planted directly on top immediately, but maybe I should've done it your way and waited until it started to rot. I think I'll try putting everything in a ditch right now and planting over it in the spring. Maybe I'll have better luck.
  2. Two-wheel tractor?

    Does anyone here use a two-wheel tractor? Anytime I search for a tractor, either looking for tractors on sale or at auction, Google Search brings up the Wikipedia page for a two-wheel tractor. I've never actually run across one. Google Search also gives me riding lawn mowers when I search for...
  3. Winter blues

    Hot chocolate, spiced cider, and flavored coffees are seriously what keep me going when it's frigid outside. Grab a Christmas cactus that blooms indoors if you want to brighten up your living space. Unlike a poinsettia, it will bloom and thrive for years.
  4. Hugelkultur gardening

    Has anyone tried this method of gardening? I did it two seasons ago and it didn't go well. I think I built it up too high and I made the slope too extreme because the water always ran right off which didn't help my vegetables at all.
  5. Mixing spices

    I'm not that great in the kitchen, so you'd better believe that I'm taking notes. I love using spices, but I tend to add too much of them. How do you fix your meal once you've added too much salt or too much pepper?
  6. People don't want cheap COVID supplies

    I can see that. I guess folks don't believe it will really work unless it's priced pretty high. Boutique goods are usually more expensive than retail anyway and it sounds like that's what you're running.
  7. Who honors their warranties?

    As far as tools goes, Home Depot is great about honoring their warranty on their Husky line. Did they say why? That's lame of Honda either way. I always thought their extensive warranty helped justify their high prices. I'll think twice before going all in on a Honda in the future.
  8. Growing in tough lands?

    Anyone here tried to grow your own food in a tough area? I'd love to hear some stories. I've often wondered about living off-the-grid in Alaska or even overseas. I've watched some reality shows about living in the Alaskan wilds or living in the desert, but I always figured they were probably...
  9. Let's hear your ingredient substitutions

    I rarely cook, but I'm a decent baker. My favorite substitution is to use cornflakes (any brand will do) to create my crumble/breading. I like the texture better and it doesn't become a soggy mess as quickly. I often reach for the cornflakes even when I have the traditional ingredients or...
  10. Haunting the farm

    I wouldn't do it for free. You could throw this yourself and charge good money for it. However, if you still wish to help your city, and I understand why you might feel sympathetic, then I'd have the powers that be pay you a fee. Charging a fee, even if it's nominal, will help cover the...
  11. Apples

    The sour Granny Smith apples have always been a personal favorite. I love the apple's taste and its origin story - they came to be from a chance seedling!
  12. Fall livestock chores

    I need to reinforce some of my outbuildings. The storms hit them pretty hard this year. I also need to check on my fencing and plug any holes in the barn so the animals can stay warm.
  13. Tips for picking up machinery at auctions

    A lot of it also depends on where you live. I used to live near a big auction site so I could go pretty often to check things out without wasting time and gas, plus I knew some of the local workers who could let me know whether there was something I might want to look at.
  14. Fall activities for kids

    Unless it's truly frigid, I'd still encourage them to go outside as much as possible. Just bundle them up in warm clothes and let them play and they'll stay warm.
  15. Turkey Business Left Guessing

    I stumbled across this article in the New York Times about turkey farmers and how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the industry. I hope all of our turkey farmers are doing okay that are members of this community.