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  1. USDA Approves Maine to Accept SNAP Benefits Online

    That's good to hear. Anything that will keep people stay safe and help stop the spread of COVID-19 and the common flu is a good thing.
  2. Growing mushrooms

    Find a reliable source for plugs if that's the route you're going to take. Some mushrooms grow in the forest and they're perfectly safe to eat. If you can identify them correctly, then maybe you could start with that.
  3. Question about COVID-19 spread

    If you've already had COVID-19 (you have had the antibody test and know through provable science that you had it) and you're no longer contagious, but you then go spend time in a hot zone aroud others who have the virus, could you still carry it back to loved ones? I have family who have had...
  4. 600 or 2000

    He doesn't really believe he won the election. Come on! A man who thinks he won, wouldn't be begging people to help him overturn the results. I thought Almost Eden was exaggerating, then I found the actual tape. Yikes! I pray America will still have democracy once this is all over. A...
  5. Raising snails for export

    What country takes them? France? China? At one point the beauty industry was using a special snail to crawl over the client's face during facials. Do you guys remember that? It was made famous by Kim Kardashian. You could look into that industry as a resource.
  6. Recipes What to do with ham and turkey

    You could make ravioli with it. Or better yet, fry it up with a nice crispy like you do to make cutlets. I wish I had your problem. I didn't make as much ham as I should've. I made just enough for two meals, but not enough to have an abundance of leftovers. I have serious regrets now.
  7. Anything you won't cultivate?

    I tend to shy away from the one and done crops, like carrots and radishes. Both are easy to grow, but it doesn't feel like the harvest has much payoff.
  8. White chili

    I'm not a good cook and rarely make white chili to begin with, but I think the sauce is better with sour cream AND cream cheese. I think most folks just add sour cream, but I like both in mine.
  9. Good Reading Material

    What about Stephen King's Pet Cemetery? Do you like Western themed books, like those by Louis L'Amour? The material is a bit dated, but they're still excellent reads on a rainy day.
  10. Making Zoom Fun

    Thanks to the pandemic many of us are making do with visiting family and friends over Zoom calls. Well, I discovered a way to spice things up with which has a ton of games to offer that you can play right over Zoom. You just make a game room and send your friends and family the...
  11. Geese

    My neighbor has geese and they are always in our yard. They leave the cat alone, but they go after the dog sometimes. He's a huge lab and seems to enjoy romping with them. They poop a lot and it is so gross! They're friendly with us though. They chatter (honk) a lot and come to us chattering...
  12. Replacing strawberries

    I'd go with some ornamental peppers if it was me. You can eat actually eat the peppers so don't let the "ornamental" bit put you off. Or try a variety of plants so you have something to look forward to each season.
  13. Best cut of steak

    I think ribeye steaks are the tastiest cuts, especially if you're planning to grill them up. I'm shocked you aren't having ham though. Isn't that a Christmastime requirement? Blasphemy.
  14. Specialty crops

    Do you grow any specialty crops? I've heard they can be big sellers, especially bamboo and ginseng. Has that been your experience? Ginseng seems hard to grow, though because it requires pretty specific conditions to thrive.
  15. How often do you replace?

    That's a good question. I've wondered that too. I can find the average use of mowers and power saws, but I've never run across the average use of large farm machinery. I don't have any large machines like a tractor or a combine. I traded up my ATV when it was four years old. I guess I'm no...