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    Hot air balloons

    I've seen many but am too chicken to actually go up in one. The festival sounds fabulous! How many balloons usually come? I've been to a few festivals that had around 50 balloons. I love the different colors and shapes.
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    Harvest blues

    I feel you! I used to get pretty sad when this time of year rolled around. Now I get excited! I switch out all of my outside decor to my fall decor. I change the flower beds, using mums, pumpkins and gourds.
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    Pay what you want?

    I don't think it will end well either. I mean, if you are trying to be charitable it might work. I like the 2-week trial. Really though, what are you trying to do?
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    Have phones ended walkie-talkies on farm?

    We haven't used a walkie-talkie here in years (probably since cell phones). We have play ones. I do believe the last time we really used them was on an ATV trip.
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    Anyone canning?

    I want to dry spices too. We haven't done that yet. Is it as easy as it sounds? Just hang them in a dry area? Canning was a success for the first round. We will be making pickles this weekend.
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    Chili, cocoa and family

    We are going to have a fall cookout with family. We saw it online and decided to try it. Dishes to pass will be fall favorites (soup, chili). We are having a fire and having cocoa too.
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    Leaves changing

    Last week here it was hot, rainy and humid. This week it's been in the low 70s. The leaves are starting to change ever so slowly! I'm ready for sweatshirts and bonfires.
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    That is awesome! We have pumpkins too but not a ton of them. We tried to grow gourds this year but didn't have much luck. Good luck to your children with growing the biggest pumpkin.
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    Anyone canning?

    We have already had an abundance of tomatoes, peppers and onions. I'm going to be making stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and canned tomatoes with onions starting tomorrow. I can't wait. Anyone else have a lot of crop already?
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    Tomato tips

    That is something I have never heard before either. Why would watering something change the flavor? If we don't water things, they die (heat has been crazy). I am going to try this next season and compare the flavor.
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    Preventing theft of ATV/UTV

    Same here, no keys left in the ignition. I love the idea of taking a fuse out. We haven't had any issues of theft in our area. I have seen some people complaining lately of vehicles being stolen.
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    No new trucks!

    We are in a similar situation here. The lots are bare and prices are high! We just put an order in for a new truck. The cost of uses trucks is crazy! Almost as high as a new one. We leased a vehicle years ago.
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    Still nothing. I was hoping that by just tossing the rotten gourd in the ground it would work. I'll try to dry the seeds this year and give that a go. We go all out for Fall decorating, it would be nice to grow our own.
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    Cucumbers and vinegar

    I've seen sloppy cucumbers and they don't look very appealing to me (not a big fan of mayo). I swear we have been eating cukes for a month now! Delicious! I'm going to make pickles this weekend.
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    Bone spurs, plantar fasciitis

    It's been about a month since I've been having a lot of pain. I bought new sneakers, do stretches and use inserts. How long does it take to feel better? Some days it is great, other days not so great.