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    Automation systems

    @MartyR, that's a good suggestion. I'll look into that and see what's available. I bet they're priced pretty high right now though. It seems like anything with a computer chip has skyrocketed.
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    Corporate Farming In India: Is It Boosting Agricultural Sector?

    To tell you the truth, dripwala, I don't know much about farming in other countries aside from how it will affect me, such as the price of feed. I appreciate your news updates. Is corporate farming a new thing in India? It's definitely a problem in the United States. Niche farming is about...
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    burning my grass and planting lettuce with a push seeder, pictures of pests, looking for advice

    How is it going so far, @LettuceHead? Any updates on how you like the equipment and the seeds that you bought? I hope it's all working out.
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    Trouble getting supplies?

    @Katie, I noticed that. I can't even find it online at the moment. Thankfully, there are other antiparasitic meds out there. I hope its popularity doesn't lead to a problem like we have with the overuse of antibiotics.
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    No new trucks!

    Would it be worth it to buy out your lease if it's an option? If not, try looking at some auction sites to see if they have anything good available.
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    Vericomposting equipment

    I'm not sure how complicated that sort of thing could be, but you might have more luck shopping for materials next spring if you want to build your own.
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    Opinions on alfalfa stand management

    I usually rotate mine, but it can be time-consuming and perhaps unnecessary, so I'm considering leaving things alone since a good stand can last for a few years. I originally chose to rotate my stand often because I thought it would increase my yield and protect against autotoxicity, but then I...
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    Puzzle help

    Fortify for the win! Thank you so much. That was truly driving me crazy. Some of the circled letters formed a sentence at the bottom and fortify works perfectly. @Henderson, you also offered excellent guesses! I appreciate it! Give me a holler if you're ever stuck on a puzzle in the...
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    Help Needed - Vermeer 504l Baler Breaking Down - Possible Problem with Belts?

    Welcome to the forum, Sassy42! It sounds like your dad is too impatient if he's already talking about selling the baler. Farming is going to be frustrating, especially at first, so he needs to buckle down with it and accept that it's a learning process that involves a lot of trial and error...
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    Puzzle help

    I'm working a puzzle that doesn't have the answers in the back. I tried googling for the answer, but it wasn't any help. So, what word means to strengthen or support. It's a seven-letter word, so buttress won't work, which is what I originally thought it would be. Any help is much...
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    Lumber still king

    I love that meme! I have a buddy in England who said they usually have to pay a tree surgeon to cut down the trees and haul them away. However, now it appears that tree surgeons are willing to do it for free, so long as they get to keep the tree. It's not just the US that's struggling with...
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    Buy with no registration?

    I think it depends on what you're planning to sell and how much money is at stake. I'm not keen on buying anything that is unregistered except for chickens. All of my cattle are registered, but that's the norm. My goats are also registered, but I know plenty of folks who don't care about...
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    New hens with no rooster

    No, it shouldn't matter. Any newcomer will jostle the pecking order, of course, but they should eventually settle in. I think it could be more difficult if you removed the rooster, but kept the same flock of hens together. There'd probably be more fighting amongst the hens for the top spot...
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    Dangerous, but lucrative?

    I mean, they don't call them "murder birds" for nothing. Personally, I feel that no amount of money is worth risking my life for. I wouldn't raise wild cats, monkeys, or anything of the sort. I'll bring up the breeding issue with him though. That's a good one.
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    Dangerous, but lucrative?

    Would you ever consider raising some exotic creatures that were dangerous, but also highly lucrative? My son has his eye on the cassowary bird. Their beautiful eggs can go for thousands of dollars and their baby chicks are worth even more. The bird is also deadly. Would you consider taking...