Mosquito repelling plants

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Some plants are said to have mosquito repelling properties. How effective are they really? If you've had success with one of those plants, please let me know which one did the trick. Our mosquito population has exploded this year, or at least that's how it feels to me.


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Here's a link for mosquito repelling plans:

I have had better success at eliminating breeding areas. Removing anything that can hold water for them to breed in. On my old farm, there was a small pond when we bought the farm, and surprisingly there were no fish in it. I bought a batch of feeder goldfish from a pet store and released them into the pond. The goldfish did well and reproduced and they ate the mosquito larvae and our mosquito population was quickly reduced. Plus, I really like goldfish and you could see them from the banks of the pond. One of my dogs loved watching the goldfish, too.