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    Extreme Tools Vs Snap On

    I have never heard of Extreme Tools. When I searched, I found toolboxes too. I don't care for Snap On tools. I think they are overpriced.
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    Bush versus pole beans

    That isn't something I've ever heard of either - 3 sisters. I'm going to have to look into that. That sounds pretty impressive. It also sounds like it would take less room in the garden.
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    Buying from auction

    Oh, they exist. I go to two every year. I also go to the Amish farmhouse sales. I usually buy from the Amish and have had excellent luck. They don't sell everything though. Last year at the plant auction, they had several different kinds of flowers that I hadn't seen before. I think I'll buy to...
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    Cut of steak

    We do butcher our own too, but we eat a lot of steak. Do you have a local butcher that you can buy from that only is grass fed?
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    How To Fatten Up A Runt Puppy

    How is everything going? I hope you found a way to get the pup to eat. I would have tried gravy on the food. Switching up the food too. Hope things worked out.
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    Homemade pizza and toppings

    Yes we do! We love pizza at our house. We make mini pizzas so the kids get to pick their own toppings. We make veggie pizza, cheese, lots of meat pizzas too. The whole family loves pizza night.
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    How many roosters for 30 hens

    New adventure for us, we've decided to get some chickens. A friend is giving us 30 hens. How many roosters should I get? We are going to try to raise baby chicks.
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    How Do You Make Barn Spring Cleaning Easier?

    What kind of spring cleaning are you doing? We clean our barn all the time. We have the guys that work for us help clean. I'm wondering what you're doing to see if we are doing the same.
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    Tomato Cages

    Interesting topic. I have used a few store bought cages. You are right, they aren't sturdy enough. We actually switched to running our tomatoes up over a trellis. We stake them when they are small. The trellis gives them the room to move, spread out and thrive.
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    HelloFresh, Every Plate

    We did use HelloFresh once. It was a great deal so we tried it. I canceled it after one week. I would rather buy my own groceries and then cook. I'm really picky on food.
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    Cut of steak

    We like Ribeye and Porterhouse steaks. We do buy the Strip from time to time. Nothing beats a great steak, right off the grill. I load mine up with mushrooms and onions.
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    Chain Saw Will Not Start

    Try pulling out the spark plugs and spraying some starter fluid. If that helps, change out the spark plugs. How old is the gas? If it's old, try emptying it and use new gas.
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    Buying Back Family Farm Land

    Wow! Lousy family members. Honestly it sounds like you're stuck paying whatever they want (since it sits in the middle). Do you have to have this piece of land? Could you act like you don't and then charge them for using your property to get to theirs? Sounds like they are landlocked. How much...
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    Kohler Engine Dies When Hot

    When is the last time you changed the oil and did a tune up? It sounds like it could be something as easy as a filter, only because it works fine when it cools down. I'd start with a basic tune up and go from there. Keep us posted.
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    Building a woodsplitter

    We have been looking at buying a gas powered wood splitter. Holy smokes, they look poorly built and are expensive. It got me thinking of building my own. I'm going to start looking up designs. Anyone made their own? Want to share your plans or designs?